System Requirements

General Standards


Active connection to the Internet
(DSL, Cable, or other high-speed recommended)

Personal computer using Microsoft Windows or Mac

Mac users must have Firefox 3.0 or better

Windows Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher

(Member logins and public web site pages support all major browser applications)

Mac must be Intel based using OSX 10.4.11+
NOTE: some ChamberMaster modules use Silverlight 3.0 which is not supported for Mac computers with PowerPC and G3 processors

Member logins and public web site pages support all major computers and major browsers

Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing reports/labels
(available free from

Microsoft Silverlight required. 
- download at:

Your own chamber web site integrated with ChamberMaster or MemberZone (optional)

Mail server recommendations: we recommend routing email correspondence sent from the database through your mail server. Ask your Project Manager to will discuss the options available to you at the time of your conversion and setup routing according
to your specifications.

Additional (for Plus users)

For users with QuickBooks CQI Interface

Recommend QuickBooks Pro for Windows 2005 or better (note: QuickBooks may have their own system requirements*)

QuickBooks Premier 2008 or better

QuickBooks Online Edition excluded

Window XP, Vista, or Windows 2003 Server required for the QuickBooks Interface

*If using Windows 7, QuickBooks Pro 2007 or newer is required. QB data file(s) must be in a shared folder that has NTFS permissions set to allow everyone Read/Write ability.