Plus and Standard edition Features List

We're asked all the time for a list of features and it's a great question!  With such a comprehensive product, we'll start by presenting you with a list of the most popular and/or what may be the most relevant features your chamber needs to manage your activities and members.

Please don't hesitate to contact us about specific needs as we haven't included every detail.  We welcome the opportunity to spend a few minutes showing you our software and specific examples of how we can partner with you to provide a solution that fits your needs.

Plus was designed for organizations to help them grow their membership, streamline processes and implement cutting edge technology to expand how they interact with their community and members. Plus combines the essentials with next steps to take your organization to the next level.

Standard contains the core functions every member management organization needs.  It's a great starter package for small organizations.

Example Photo.JPG

Example of Dashboard reports.


  Standard Plus
Member Module    
 General Business Data  X  X
 Create your own Custom Fields (unlimited)  X  X
 Representative Tracking (unlimited)  X  X
 Website Listing Data  X  X
 Communication Log  X  X
 Account History  X  X
 Member Stats/Reports  X  X
 Prospective & Sales Stage tracking  X  X
 Integration to Online Business Directory  X  X
 Membership Type Icon  Plus only  X
Groups Module    
Unlimited Groups  X  X
Group Billing Setup  X  X
Send Communications  X  X
Group Reports  X  X
Email a Group from outlook  Plus only X
Allow members to self-enroll into designated member group lists X X
Create custom groups as needed using the Custom Report filters X
Communication Module    
e-Referral Tracking  X  X
Mass Email with built-in Mail Merge  X  X
Ability to create and save templates  X  X
Create Tasks, Follow-ups and Reminders  X  X
Ability to schedule emails Plus only X
Constant Contact Connect - automatically updates CC lists daily  X  X
Form Letters  X  X
Mailing Label Generation  X  X
Name Badge Creation  X  X
Fax Blast Integration  X  X
Nonmember Contact Tracking  X  X
Quick Communication App Plus only  X
Expanded email send size (Standard limit is 50kb per email) Plus only  X
SmartMail - Integration with Outlook and Communication Log   X  X 
Integrated Billing Module    
Setup reoccurring and one-time fee options  X  X
Invoice Creation and Tracking  X  X
Payment Creation and Tracking  X  X
Credits  X  X
Sales Receipts  X  X 
Integration with Credit Card options for online billing Plus Only  X 
Send Invoices by email, mail or preferred billing contact method  X  X
Sales, A/R, Transaction and other reporting  X  X
Journal Entry Exports- Accural Basis  X  X
Journal Entry Export- Cash Basis   X  X
QuickBooks Journal Entry Export  X  X
Cloud Drive    
Upload graphics, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and more Plus only  X
2 GB storage available Plus only  X
Share files with your office staff Plus only  X
Store files for personal use only Plus only  X
Upload files to the Member Information Center X X
Billing Reports  X  X
Membership Reports  X  X
Event Reports  X  X
Member Directory Reports  X  X
Hit Stats  X  X
Custom Report Builder and Filters  X  X
Message Center  X  X
Forum  X  X
Membership Report/Graphs  Plus only  X
Financial Reports/Graphs  Plus only  X
Setup unlimited users  X  X
Data Back-up/Download options  X  X
Additional Setup features for online modules and other options  X  X
 Training and Support    
 Unlimited email support  X  X
 Online user manuals  X  X
 Online training videos  X  X
 Unlimited toll-free phone support  X  X
 Webinars  X  X
 Software Edition Updates  X  X


  Standard Plus  
General Web Modules Features    
Search Engine Optimization  X  X
Customization of web modules using css  X  X
Mobile web pages: Business Directory, Hot Deals, Jobs, Events Plus only  X
Business Directory     
Search by Category, Rep, Location, Key Words  X  X
Allow chamber to setup members in multiple categories  X  X
Each member receives their own information page  X  X
Social Networking links for members  X  X
Layout options available (some Plus only), custom styling using css  X  X
Enhanced Listings and Enhanced Pages for members - only with marketing Package add-on module, add-on to either edition  X
Hot Deals    
Ability for members to create and submit for approval  X  X
Reports and Hit Stat Tracking  X  X
Integration to Website  X  X
Hot Deals eNewsletter - weekly release to subscribers automatically sent  X  X 
Add logo or image next to Hot Deal on Search Results Page  Plus only  X
Member to Member Hot Deals    X
Ability for members to create and submit for approval Plus only  X
Reports and Hit Stat Tracking Plus only  X
Integration to Website Plus only  X
Add logo or image next to Hot Deal on Search Results Page  Plus only  X
Customize to market to your community or members.   Popular uses include: classifieds, building leases, rentals, military discounts  Plus only X
Subscribers receive automated notices when new items are entered   Plus only X  
Add item details, publish and valid offer dates, etc... Plus only X
Hit Stat Tracking Plus only X
Integration to website Plus only X
Job Postings    
Ability for members to create and submit for approval  X  X
Reports and Hit Stat Tracking  X  X
Integration to Website  X  X
Calendar of Events    
Create as many calendars as desired for Chamber/Association, Community or custom created topics  X  X
Online Registration  X  X
Sponsorship Tracking  X  X
Ability to send invites, track responses, send follow-up notices  X  X
Integration with Credit Card Processing for online payments Plus only  X
Invoice Batching  X  X
Set member vs nonmember fee items  X  X
Create roster sheets, name badges and other reports  X  X
Comparison Reports for selected events  X  X
Mini Events Calendar view - can be added to Home or other pages   X  X
News Releases    
Post chamber, community, state or other news articles and announcements Plus   X
Integration to Website  Plus only  X
Contact Us/Information Request Forms    
Online Information Request Form, interests customized by staff Plus only  X
Track and Lead Fulfillment from Info Request form Plus only  X
Reporting on Information Request leads Plus only  X
Instant Weather Reports    
Integrated to Website  X  X
Member Mapping Module    
View online map of members by category or area Plus only  X
Highlight sponsors - available only with add-on Marketing Package    
Social Networking Modules    
Member Forum (online) Plus only  X
Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook automatic posts using Hot Deals, Jobs, Events, New Members, News Releases Plus only  X
Track members links and display in Member Information Center  X  X
RSS Feeds for online modules  X  X
Ability to Share Event, Member info, Jobs and Deals on FB & Twitter  X  X
Member Information Center    
Member only access to update information  X  X
Networking/Member look-up  X  X
Online Bill Pay Center Plus only  X
Upload files/resources  X  X
Members can submit requests for Hot Deals, Job Postings, Member to Member Discounts and Events  X  X
Refer a member X X
News Releases - Members can submit requests for Hot Deals, Job Postings, Member to Member Discounts and Events  X X
Widget Builder generates badge for member's site X X