Enhance a Site Layout

Our Established Layouts often inspire our customers to request slight variations beyond what is included in the original design.  The Enhanced Layout option is the perfect combination of your ideas using one of our established layouts as a base!

You'll receive all the elements included with our base package along with additional features and layout enhancements that can be added to your site (as noted below).

Enhanced Layout Features

The Enhanced Layout option includes all the same options as the Established Layouts with additional personalization as noted below.

     -Font and colors to match the customers desired 'look'
     -Logo and Photo(s) used for the header and home page
     -Page content (text, photos, attachments or links to other pages or sites)
     -Pages as listed in the Established Layout Package
     -Two (2) additional pages for a total of seven (7) customer defined pages
     -One form with auto reply generation
     -Five (5) additional navigation links (these are links to other websites), for a total of 10
     -Five (5) additional business category links, for a total of ten (10)
     -One additional photo gallery containing five photos setup, for a total of two galleries
     -One proof provided with two additional reviews
     -Two submissions with up to five (5) minor edits/changes allowed using Change Request Form
     -Up to ten (10) third party widgets may be added

Conditions and examples of enhancements: 
Up to five changes may be submitted at one time on each of the two change request forms.  Additional change requests are available for an additional charge. 

Changes requested are limited to enhancements to the existing layout or adding a third party widget.  This does not include items requiring new development.

Examples of enhancements/changes: Additional global color changes, adding shading, custom buttons, variations to borders, header photo sizing...

Examples of widgets:  Google translator, visitor counter, lodging or reservation systems, mailing list forms, etc... 

The base package includes these pages (before choosing your enhancements):

  • Home page includes:
    • Rotating photos in header (for selected layouts)
    • Weather preview pane (optional)
    • New Members listing (optional)
    • Upcoming or Featured Events listing (optional)
    • News Releases (Plus Only option)
    • Social Networking site links (optional)
  • Information/About Us Page
  • Staff/Board of Directors Page
  • Up to five links on your navigation that point directly to a category in your Business Directory.  Common link example names are:  Where to Dine, Where to Stay, Where to Play and Find a Realtor. 
  • One photo gallery with up to five photos initially setup.
  • Five Additional Pages (page name and content specified by you).  Note: you may wish to have even more pages not outlined above on your site.  Most customers add their own additional pages and content using LiveEdit.  However if you'd prefer to have us build them as part of your design, an additional per page fee will be billed.
  • Web Modules
    • Business Directory
    • Events Calendar(s)
    • Job Postings/Employment Center
    • Hot Deals
    • Member to Member Hot Deals (available with  Plus)
    • MarketSpace (available with Plus)
    • Member Application Form
    • Contact Us Form
    • Instant Weather page
    • Member Login page
    • Member Forum (available with Plus)
    • Member Mapping Module (available with Plus)
    • News Releases (available with  Plus)
    • Information Request/Visitor Center (available with Plus)